At Waverton Day Nurseries we are very aware that children need a healthy diet.Food Hygiene Rating


Our settings cater for all types of little taste buds and we are committed to offering a healthy, nutritious and well balanced menu. All meals are prepared on site daily by our nursery chef’s.

We have an emphasis on fresh locally sourced produce and we offer a variety of menus which are carefully planned & reviewed regularly to provide children with their 5 a day seasonal fruit and vegetables.

All food is professionally tried and tested before becoming a regular item and all of our kitchen staff have a level 2 certificate for Food Safety in catering and this is regularly reviewed and updated.

Meal times

Meal times are social event’s and an excellent time to encourage communication skills. Children can become accustomed to routines such as setting the table, sitting with friends and learning the importance of good table manners. We actively encourage staff to sit with the children during meal times and model positive behaviour and engage in conversation. We are committed to ensure mealtimes are an exciting, enjoyable experience for all our children.

Children are provided with a choice of healthy snacks throughout the day and fresh drinking water is always available so their bodies are getting everything they need to grow and thrive.


We provide formula milk for babies under 12 months. The ‘Nestlings’ room all have a dedicated milk preparation area. We can also store and prepare bottles of expressed milk if you’re breastfeeding. We follow whatever feeding routine you have at home.

Our Chef prepares special lunches and dinners for babies who are weaning. These dishes are graduated from puree to mash to chopped, with different foods being introduced as the child progresses through each stage.


We cater for all dietary requirements and we are mindful of individual dietary requirements such as vegetarianism and food intolerances and we ask parents to discuss your child’s diet with the management team during registration. We devise varied menu plans each season to ensure that each child experiences different varieties.