6 weeks – around 18 months

We believe children are active learners from birth

Our baby room is a wonderful sensory experience and plays a key role in supporting and extending your child’s learning and development. We provide an environment that is rich in opportunities for your child to explore and experience the world around them.

The baby room practitioner works closely with parents and children to ensure they settle happily into nursery life, allowing parents to leave their child with confidence, knowing that they are in a safe and loving environment.


Around 19 months – around 36 months

Our Ducklings room is where children begin to explore their environment with real enthusiasm. They love to transport and move from area to area with great speed. We provide an environment that enables our exploring toddlers to flourish and grow to their full potential. Our experienced practitioners support this by providing unique planned activities for each individual child’s needs.


Around 37 Months until they leave for primary education

Our Pre school room lays the foundations for a sound mathematical and literacy education. Supported by qualified practitioners, children are able to access a range of resources designed to inspire their young developing minds.

Our practitioners work with the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum which encompasses all areas of learning. Children are encouraged to go at their own pace and follow their own interests, using a variety of different mediums and every day objects to experiment with and to make their own decisions and choices.

We begin to introduce more structure to the day enabling the children to be ready for primary education.